Simmons: Campus Card

You can open a Fenway Cash account that is tied to your Campus Card (your Simmons College student ID). If you do so, you can use your Campus Card to purchase food and other items at the Fens, Common Grounds Café , Meyers Cafe and the bookstore. You can also use these funds on any copy machine on campus. For more information, see the Campus Card page.

Mount Holyoke: All-Campus ID Card

The Mount Holyoke All-Campus ID Card has a debit account affiliated with it for student use. Twenty-five dollars is placed on your card by LISSA at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters for snacks or other uses; you can place additional funds on the card if you like, but all money on the card must be spent by the end of the semester or you will lose the funds. For more information on activating and using your All-Campus ID Card, see the Card Services page. The card is accepted at the Mount Holyoke bookstore, the Odyssey Bookstore, The Blanchard Cafe, the Uncommon Ground Coffee Bar and Rao's in the library's lobby.

Tutoring and Other Help

The Simmons Center for Academic Achievement provides writing tutoring as well as services for students with disabilities. For students who need help with a particular SLIS course, current and former students may be available to provide one-on-one tutoring. For information, contact or call (617) 521-2797.

There are also instructional guides for the SLIS Collection, created by library staff. Some will help you improve your searching skills, and others are geared towards providing help with particular courses.

Main College Building (Boston Campus)

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