Welcome to the Student Resources area of the website. These pages are primarily here to pull together information for the students, staff, and faculty in the various programs within SLIS, be it Archives concentrators, doctoral students, or our Western Massachusetts cohort. At the same time, we hope they provide an opportunity for all students (both current and prospective), faculty, staff, and alums to gain insight into the various pieces that make up the SLIS whole.

In fall, 2013, the School welcomed our new students in Computer Science and Informatics, and Children's Literature. We are currently developing policies, procedures, and programs to accommodate all students at the School.

The Simmons SLIS program offers much to students through our curriculum, our varied academic programs, and our location in the heart of Boston. With such richness, however, often comes confusion; we have therefore created two areas for newcomers to SLIS, Boston, and/or the U.S. to help navigate the maze. Please see our New and International Student resource pages.

Based on student feedback, we established the Student Services Center (SSC), which is located on the second floor of the Palace Road Building, in the P-212 suite right outside the James M. Matarazzo Student Lounge. The goal of the SSC is to assist students with any questions or concerns that might arise, be everything from how to sign up for a locker to a discussion with the Assistant Dean for Student Services. For more information, please stop by the SSC or, if you're not on campus, send a note to gslishelp@simmons.edu.

Much of the content on these pages has been created in conjunction with students, and we look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions for further development of this and other areas of the site. Please contact the SLIS Website Manager at gslisweb@simmons.edu with your feedback.