Eliot Wilczek

University Records Manager, Digital Collections and Archives, Tufts University

Eliot Wilczek

Eliot Wilczek is the university records manager in the Digital Collections and Archives Department at Tufts University. He is currently serving as the project director of a NHPRC electronic records program expansion grant and was a co-principal investigator on a NHPRC electronic records research project that Tufts completed with Yale University in 2006. See http://dca.tufts.edu/?pid=92 for more details.

Wilczek has taught archives and records management courses as an adjunct instructor at Simmons SLIS. He has a master's in library and information science and a master's in history from Simmons College. See http://web.simmons.edu/~wilczek/ for more details.

His area of study is in archives, focusing in particular on recordkeeping behavior. He is interested in how an organization's recordkeeping processes, rules, and expectations shape the documentation of its activities and how that documentation shapes the organization's understanding of its actions. A possible subject for this research question may be the U.S. military's process for documenting and reporting its operations during the Vietnam War and how the military's reporting influenced its understanding of the war. Wilczek's research interests include focusing in particular on recordkeeping behavior and the effect of recordkeeping processes, rules, and expectations on an organization.


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