Zach Newell

Humanities Librarian, Salem State University, Salem, Massachusetts

 Zach Newell

Zach Newell is currently a Humanities Librarian and Library Program Area Chair at Salem State University in Salem, MA. He was a recent Fulbright Scholar in Alexandria, Egypt, teaching at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina on "The Art of Engagement: Regional Identity, Global Perspective."

Zach holds a B.A. in Philosophy, an M.A. in Art History and an M.S. in Library Science.
He has been involved in curriculum building, advocating for a more prominent role for information literacy on college campuses. Zach has an ongoing passion for internationalizing the university through the library.

Additionally, he is interested in the user experience in the library, specifically the way students access information and the way they use that information within a digital context. He is particularly interested in the crossover between the practical/popular use of information and its ethical implications, including the way the information is disseminated and consumed.

Zach's other interests include the digital humanities, intellectual freedom (information as a human right) and leadership in the library. He is actively involved with Rotary International. He recently taught a First Year Seminar on James Bond. He currently lives on the North Shore with his wife and two kids.