Simmons College Library

The Simmons College Library houses the bulk of the more than 200,000 volumes and nearly 2,000 periodical subscriptions owned by Simmons, as well as a rapidly expanding collection of media materials. A comprehensive reference collection, special resources in areas such as Women's Studies and Juvenile Literature, are major assets of the Library. In addition to the Library and Information Science Resources (see below), special collections and services of particular interest to SLIS students include the Career Resource Library and the College Archives. For more information about the Simmons College Library, please visit the Library homepage:

Library and Information Science Resources

Simmons College Library also includes an impressive collection of Library Science materials, which is the largest collection of its kind in New England. It contains materials on the topics of library science, information science, bibliography, and related fields. The collection is committed to serving as New England's library "of record" for the library and information science profession. To this end, a collection of both historic and current materials is maintained.

In addition to Library Science materials housed in the Simmons Library, there is also a Cataloging Lab in the Palace Road building that includes resources and materials for cataloging and related courses:
Cataloging Equipment Lab Resources

Linda Watkins is the Liaison Librarian for SLIS students. You can contact her at:

Mount Holyoke: LITS

SLIS West students have the full use of all Simmons College Library resources as well as those of the Mount Holyoke Library:
Mount Holyoke College Library.

Kate McGrath is the Dean's Fellow for SLIS West and is available to assist SLIS West students obtain the resources they need. She can be contacted at: