All SLIS students register through an online system called AARC. Although dates are subject to change, for current students registration for Fall classes generally takes place in April, registration for Spring classes generally takes place in late October or early November, and registration for Summer classes generally takes place in March. (When specific dates are set, they are announced on SLIS-Info and noted on the SLIS Academic Calendar. "Registration priority" is based on the amount of credits that have been completed plus credits in progress; registration times are assigned and noted in AARC in the weeks leading up to the registration period itself.

Because new students aren't yet familiar with AARC, the registration timetable is different and generally takes place two months prior to the beginning of their starting term. This timetable has been specifically designed to allow students to be in touch with their faculty advisor to discuss course planning before registering for their first set of courses.

In some cases, registration cannot be done directly by students online or other questions arise. The SLIS registration process is overseen by the Director of Curriculum and Communications; specific questions should be addressed to Please see the "Online Registration" link (to the left) for more information about how to use AARC.