There are a variety of different options for SLIS students preparing for life after (and during) SLIS. To begin with, Simmons SLIS students have many pre-professional jobs from which to choose. Most of these jobs are geared towards students with little or no library experience and allow students to experience different jobs in different libraries throughout their Simmons career. Simmons students are highly encouraged to take advantage of such opportunities to gain hands-on experience.

For students who would like to gain a different kind of experience, there are internships, fellowships, and residencies available at external sites to current and graduating students. (These positions do not normally include academic credit.) Each program has information and links to specific institutions (e.g., the Library of Congress) as well as links to pages that compile listings of grants, fellowships and internships from various sources.

We've also included pages on our Mentoring program, and information from the most recent Salary Survey.

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