Margaret S. Menzin

Professor & Chair of Mathematics and Statistics and Professor of Computer Science

Margaret S. Menzin
Phone: 617-521-2704
Office: S209

Dr. Margaret Menzin is Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science. She teaches a variety of courses in both disciplines which focus on the interplay between very abstract theory and concrete, real world applications. In Mathematics she is particularly interested in abstract algebra, mathematical modeling, financial mathematics and cryptography; her interests in computer science focus on database systems, web services and web centric programming, systems analysis, health informatics, and "big data."

Dr. Menzin has long standing interests in both pedagogy and encouraging women to pursue careers in mathematics and science. Her pedagogical interests include the use of writing to teach math and computer science, and methods of teaching students which encourages them to become independent learners. She teaches both traditional and in "hybrid" (part on-line, part face-to-face) courses at Simmons. Dr. Menzin has served on a variety of advisory boards to area public school systems, for NSF projects, and to national organizations. She is often an invited speaker for both high school students and teachers.