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President's Fund for Faculty Excellence Awards

Awards for 2008 - 2009

Bonita Betters-Reed, SOM, and Mary Jane Treacy, Honors, Modern Languages, and Women's Studies

PROJECT TITLE: The Ancianos Project: Exploring the Past with the Elders and Leaders of San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua) ($9,000)

Christine Evans, Education and Judah Axe, Education

PROJECT TITLE: Evaluating and Demonstrating Video Modeling with Children with Autism ($10,192)

Renee Bergland, English

PROJECT TITLE: Escape to Italy: Romantic Exiles from the Bonds of Womanhood ($8,822)

Jennifer Roecklein-Canfield, Chemistry

PROJECT TITLE: Expanding and Exploiting the Virus-Host Interactome for Karposi's Sarcoma Virus ($10,000)

Vaughn Sills, Art and Music

PROJECT TITLE: Places for the Spirit: Traditional African-American Gardens of the South: Photographs by Vaughn Sills ($10,000)

Hugo Kamya, School of Social Work, and Tien Ung, School of Social Work

PROJECT TITLE: Community-Based Services for Somali Refugees: Addressing social capital, human capital, and cultural capital toward family functioning and well-being ($15,000)

Mary Owen, Biology

PROJECT TITLE: Analysis of early embryonic patterning in the Dominant hemimelia (Dh) mouse mutant and its relationship to the abnormal limb ($10,000)

Lynda Moore, School of Management

PROJECT TITLE: The Development of a Scholarship Stream on Women Business Leaders in the United Arab Emirates ($10,000)

Stacy Blake-Beard, School of Management

PROJECT TITLE: Systems of Sustenance of Support: Exploring the Impact of Mentoring on the Professional Experiences of Indian Women ($9,125)

Jill Taylor, Education and Women's and Gender Studies, and Sherdena Cofield, School of Social Work

PROJECT TITLE: Potential for Change: Development of a Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Professional Development School ($15,000)

Susan Duty, Nursing, and Elizabeth Scott, Biology

PROJECT TITLE: A Pilot Study to Explore the Strain Relatedness of Methicillin Resistant Staphlyococcus aureus between Humans, Hand Contact Surfaces and Pets ($15,000)

Daren Graves, Education

PROJECT TITLE: Racial Identity, Hip-Hop Consumption, and School ($3000)

Awards for 2007 - 2008

Gregory Feldman, Psychology

PROJECT TITLE: Writing a book entitled Self Management of Depression: A Manual for Primary Care and Mental Health Professionals, co-authored with Maurizio Fava, M.D. and Albert Yeung, M.D. (Harvard Medical School / Massachusetts General Hospital) under contract with Cambridge University Press ($4,500)

Rong Tang, GSLIS and Sheila Denn, GSLIS

PROJECT TITLE: User Based Question Answering: An Exploratory Study of Community Generated Information Exchange in Yahoo!Answers ($15,000)

Nancy Lee, Chemistry and Richard Gurney, Chemistry

PROJECT TITLE: Converting Trash to Treasure Using Green Asymmetric Synthesis ($14,744)

Jyoti Puri, Sociology

PROJECT TITLE: Sexuality and the Social Body in India ($7,300)

Afaa Michael Weaver, English

PROJECT TITLE: Poetry Readings and Organizing of Simmons International Chinese Poetry Conference ($4,500)

Colleen Kiely, Art and Music

PROJECT TITLE: Devotional Kitsch: Contemporary Painting and Vernacular Indian Religious Imagery ($5,905)

Vladimir Douhovnikoff, Biology and Elizabeth Scott, Biology

PROJECT TITLE: Microbial ecology of inanimate surfaces and the effects of disturbance ($15,000)

Judith Aronson, Communications

PROJECT TITLE: Research, digital imaging, and design towards a book of photographic portraits "Likenesses" ($7,157)

Shelley Goodgold, Physical Therapy and Sheri Kiami, Physical Therapy

PROJECT TITLE: Health-promoting self-care among mothers of children with autism ($10,932)

John Reeder, Department of Psychology

PROJECT TITLE: Models of Reality Monitoring ($5,000)

Dan Connell, Department of Communications

PROJECT TITLE: A Historical Dictionary of Eritrea ($8,960)

Z. Annette Iglarsh, Physical Therapy and Lynn Foord-May, Online Programs/SHS

PROJECT TITLE: Development and Assessment of the Use of Video Cases to Teach Ethical Behavior to Doctor of Physical Therapy in Problem-Based Seminars ($12,830)


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