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Individual Faculty Consultations

The CET offers individual consultation services to all full-time and part-time faculty members on a wide range of topics related to teaching. Consultations are always initiated by the faculty member and are kept completely confidential.

During an individual consultation, the CET staff member will seek to understand the faculty member's goals, teaching context, and overall concerns or questions. During a consultation, the faculty member can "talk through" a tricky situation, brainstorm options, learn how other faculty members have responded to a similar situation, and/or review helpful scholarly literature on the topic. The CET staff member may offer additional support through a confidential classroom observation, published resources, or a follow-up visit.

Common consultation topics include:

  • Course design and alignment
  • Syllabus development and review
  • Classroom management concerns
  • Integrating technology into teaching
  • Flipped classroom design
  • Engaging students in large classes
  • Collaborative and project-based learning
  • Assessment and grading
  • Scholarship of teaching and classroom-based research
  • Assistance with peer and course evaluation

If you would like to schedule a teaching consultation or would just like to learn more, contact either Jennifer or Tricia to schedule an appointment. We are also happy to meet with drop-in visitors whenever possible, so feel free to come to the CET at any time.