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Assessment Committee

The All Simmons Assessment Committee is charged with supporting the development, refinement and continuity of assessment efforts focused on academic quality across the College. Responsibilities of the All-Simmons Assessment Committee include:

  • Setting general policy for, the schedule for, and general guidelines for the assessment of student learning at Simmons
  • Engaging and encouraging faculty and staff in the assessment process
  • Reviewing school and program assessment reports and providing appropriate feedback
  • Organizing and coordinating college-wide assessment retreats
  • Making recommendations to the faculty and administration on the basis of assessment findings

The All Simmons Assessment Committee (ASAC) currently includes the following members:

CAS Assessment Committee: Judah Axe (Co-Chair)

SOM Assessment Committee: Cynthia Ingols

GSLIS Assessment Committee: Laura Saunders

SNHS Assessment Committee: Elizabeth Metallinos-Katsaras

SSW Assessment Committee: Kathy Millstein

CAS Assessment Committee: Jennifer Roecklein-Canfield

Provost's Office: Richard Voos (Co-Chair)

Center for Excellence in Teaching: Jennifer Herman

Institutional Research: TBD

Library: Daphne Harrington

Writing Center: Terry Muller

Student Life: Raymond Ou

Administrative Assistant: Stephen Haag, CAS Dean's Office