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Office Supply Policy

Download the WB Mason Contact Sheet for Simmons

Simmons College has a Master Agreement with W.B. Mason as its sole vendor for all consumable office supply products such as pens, paper, pencils, folders and toner cartridges. Orders are submitted to W.B. Mason daily on their website.

To maximize our cost savings, employees are encouraged to anticipate their ordering needs and request supplies from their authorized buyer prior to traveling on College business. It is important to note that items purchased with personal funds and not through W.B. Mason will not be reimbursed unless it is an absolute necessity or emergency. Such purchases will require the approval of your supervisor and the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration.


Purchasing and Procurement

Main College Building
Room W207
300 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115


Kathleen Peroni-Callahan

Kelly Williams