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How do I change or cancel a purchase order?

To change or cancel a purchase order, complete a purchase requisition noting the assigned purchase order number on your copy of the order indicating "change order" or "cancel" and a complete description of the change written in the body. When a purchase order is cancelled, it relieves the encumbrance of funds against a departmental budget. Reference Purchase Requisitions page for submittal process.

When are the fiscal year deadlines?

The deadline for processing purchase orders in preparation for the closing of the fiscal year is mid-May. Furniture and special projects requiring product with extended lead times must be submitted to purchasing by mid-April. Please submit purchase requisitions along with quotations and/or proposals to the Purchasing and Procurement Office at your earliest convenience. Requests for purchases exceeding $5,000 require the completion of the Over $5,000 Form (which can be found here) and submitted to the Budget Office for approvals.

Please be reminded that services must be completed and goods received no later than June 30th to be charged to the current fiscal year budget.

The new fiscal year begins on July 1.

Please call Purchasing & Procurement at ext. 2155 for assistance.

How do encumbrances work?

When a purchase order or blanket purchase order is processed through the Colleague system, an encumbrance is created against the budget number. The system assigns purchase order numbers to each order. The encumbrance "saves" the funds to pay the invoice. When an invoice is paid against the purchase order, the encumbrance is relieved. If an order has been cancelled with the vendor or if an invoice is paid without referencing the purchase order number, the encumbrance remains open. Please contact the Assistant Buyer at ext. 2155 to close the purchase order.

What are the regulations for sales tax exemptions?

Simmons College is exempt from paying sales tax in Massachusetts and most states.

To take advantage of this status, payments must be made directly by the College to the supplier from the supplier's invoice. Reimbursement to employees for state taxes paid when procuring goods for the College are not allowed.

Please inform vendors of the exemption status when placing an order or requesting quotations. Tax exemption does not apply to federal & state fuel taxes, local hotel occupancy and food taxes, most transportation surcharges, user fees and meal taxes.

Please contact Assistant Buyer at ext. 2155 to arrange for a supplier to receive our tax exemption certificate.


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