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Active Threat Guidelines

Encountering an active threat at Simmons remains very remote, but we encourage members of the campus community to review these guidelines in the event a threat presents itself. An active threat refers to any incident which creates an immediate threat or presents an imminent danger to the campus community, such as a shooter or a hostage situation.

If you can evacuate the building…

Try to stay calm and determine the location of the threat.
Call 911 or 617-521-1111 as soon as possible, although escaping is your priority.
If a safe exit does exist, take it as quickly as possible.
Continue running until you are well cleared from the location of the threat. Find a safe location and call 911 or 617-521-1111 to inform police of your location.

If the only exit is through a window, consider the consequences of the fall:

How high are you from the ground?
Can you land in shrubs or grass to decrease the potential for serious injury?
Can you make an improvised rope out of clothing, belts or other items?
If you cannot evacuate the building…
Try to stay calm and determine the location of the threat.
Take shelter in the nearest office, classroom, closet or other area which can be secured. Barricade the door using any heavy object you can find. If the door opens outward, attach one end of a belt to the door handle and the other end to a heavy object.
If the door has a window, cover it.
Look for other possible escape routes, such as windows or other doors.
Call 911 or 617-521-1111 and tell them what is happening. Speak quietly and then set your cell phone to vibrate or silent.
Stay low to the ground and remain as quiet as possible.
Once in a secure location, do not open the door for anyone. Do not approach police officers as they attempt to located and neutralize the threat. The police officers will return to assist you once the threat has been neutralized.
When the Simmons Police arrive, obey all commands.

If an active threat is in your presence…

If you are in a crowded room and the threat is shooting, "play dead" or quietly crawl to safety.
If you are with a group, as a last resort, you may choose to take action to gain control of the situation.
If the shooter is entering the room, position yourself in a location that allows for an element of surprise.
Throw anything available at the threat. Aim for the face to distract him/her.
Attack as a group, swarming around the threat.
Grab the threat's arms, legs or head and take him/her to the ground. Use body weight to secure him/her.
"Fight dirty" — kick, bite, gouge eyes, etc… Do whatever you can to get away.
Have someone in the group call 911 or 617-521-1111.
When the Simmons Police arrive, obey all commands.
If you have incapacitated the threat…
Make sure that the suspect is secured (body weight, belts, etc.)
Remove any weapons from the threat.
Do not hold a weapon.
Call 911 or 617-521-1111 and advise the police that the threat is down.
Provide your location and stay on the line if possible.
When the Simmons Police arrive, obey all their commands.