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Suspicious Behaviors

For emergencies call 617 521 1111 or 911
For non-emergencies call 617 521 1112

Suspicious is defined as anything that seems slightly "out of place" for the area or time of day in which it occurs. The most obvious things to watch out for and report are:

  • Strangers trying to enter your neighbor's room when it is unoccupied.
  • Anyone trying doors to see if they are locked.
  • Any person that looks like they don't belong entering or leaving an academic office area after hours.
  • Audible screams, anywhere and anytime (they may mean an assault, a rape, or a robbery is in progress).
  • The sound of breaking glass or other loud, explosive noises.
  • An accident, burglary or vandalism may have occurred.
  • Anyone that is walking around bicycle racks carrying bolt cutters, pipes, or other tools.
  • Anyone running (especially one carrying something of value-could be leaving a scene of a crime).

Although most of these situations could have innocent explanations, SCPD would rather investigate crime-prone situations than be called when it's too late.