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Grievance Procedure

The information below describes the grievance procedure concerning accommodations for undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities registered at Simmons College.

The grievance procedure is intended to address student concerns regarding perceived discrimination or denial of an accommodation. Students are required to follow the official procedure for requesting accommodations by submitting documentation from a licensed professional, registering with the Disability Services Office and completing accommodation letters for each class in which accommodations are being requested. Faculty members are not obligated to provide accommodations to students without the required letters. If a student has not followed the official procedure, a grievance may not be given full consideration.

If you have a grievance regarding the determination of eligible accommodations, the manner in which your accommodations were handled by a faculty/staff member or off-campus activity related to a course (i.e. internships, practicum, etc.) at Simmons College, please see the Grievance of Accommodations section

Grievance of Accommodations

If a student disagrees with the determination of eligible accommodations or the manner in which their accommodations were handled by a faculty/staff member or off-campus activity related to a course (i.e. internships, practicum, etc.), s/he will be asked to provide a written explanation and request for reconsideration to the Dean of Student Life.

The Dean of Student Life may request additional medical documentation or an independent medical opinion on the request for accommodation, or gather any information pertinent to the request for consideration. If deemed necessary, the Dean of Student Life may also request other individuals (faculty members or administrators) for their perspective. For example, in the case where an accommodation was denied on the grounds that it would compromise the essential requirements of a course or program. See Suggested Guidelines for Determining Essential Components of a Course or Program. The Dean of Student Life will attempt to resolve the issue based on both the original and supplementary information.

Every effort should be made to resolve the disagreement in an efficient manner. In appropriate circumstances, the Dean of Student Life and/or the Director of Disability Services may decide to provide an accommodation on a provisional basis pending the outcome of the appeal process.

The College expressly reserves the right to make changes to its written policies, rules, and regulations at any time. This site is not intended, and should not be construed, to give rise to contractual rights and obligations.

Grievance Form


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For more information regarding Disability Services, please contact:

Timothy Rogers
Director of Disability Services

Erin Glover
Coordinator, Disability Services

For appointments, call 617-521-2474.