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Who to Go To For What

Academic Space Classroom  
Advertising/Position Vacancies  S. Haag
Assessment Committee  S. Haag  x2091
Authorization of Faculty Appointments  R. White  x2079
Budget Planning  R. White  x2079   
Budgets: Materials and Supplies  S. Haag  x2091
CAS Faculty Grants  S. Haag  x2091
Catalog  S. Haag
Candidates' Expenses  S. Haag  x2091
Candidates' Interview Arrangements  S. Haag  x2091
Chair's List  S. Haag  x2091
Course Changes/Cancellations  L. Mason/  x2581
Course Refunds  L. Mason  x2581
Credit Cards  S. Haag  x2091
Curriculum Planning  R. White  x2079
Dean's Awards  L. Mason  x2581
Dean's Fellows  S. Haag  x2091
Dean's Web Site  S. Haag
Doctoral Programs  C. Bonner  x2088
Faculty Counts  S. Haag     
Emails to Faculty/Staff  S. Haag  x2091
Enrollments  L. Mason  x2581
Event Planning  S. Haag  x2091
Faculty Employment Verification  L. Mason  
Faculty Recruitment Approval  R. White  x2079
Faculty Statistics  L. Mason
Faculty Teaching Evaluations  S. Haag  x2091
Faculty Travel  S. Haag  x2091
Faculty Workload  L. Mason
First Year Program  L. Mason  x2581
Graduate Student Development Fund  S. Haag  x2091
Grade Appeal  L. Mason  x2581
Graduate Programs  C. Bonner  x2088
Invoices/POS/Check Requests/Reimbursements  S. Haag  x2091
Leave Eligibility  R. White
Long Range Planning  R. White  x2079
Moving Expenses  S. Haag  x2091
Network Access  S. Haag  x2091
Part-Time Faculty/Part-time Payroll  S. Haag
Payroll  S. Haag
Program Review  L. Mason
Off-Site Contracts  C. Bonner  x2088
Overloads  L. Mason
Parking  S. Haag  x2091
Questionnaires/Surveys  S. Haag  x2091
Scheduling (curricular)  L. Mason  x2581
Scheduling (meetings)  S. Haag  x2091
Signing Authority  S. Haag
WB Mason/Office Supplies  S. Haag  x2091