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Curriculum Committee

Members AY 2013-2014

  • John Reeder, Chair
  • Leanne Doherty, Associate Dean of CAS, ex-officio
  • Donna Dolan, Registrar, ex-officio
  • Donna Glynn, Assistant Professor, SNHS
  • Diane Grossman, Professor, Philosophy
  • Daphne Harrington, Director, Library
  • Suzanne Leonard, Associate Professor, English 
  • John Lowe, Associate Professor, Chair, HCA, SOM
  • Krina Patel, VP for Academic Affairs, SGA
  • Lowry Pei, Professor, English

Guidelines and Deadlines


Travel Course Forms

To propose a travel course a faculty member first need approval of the Provost's Office and the Study Abroad Advisory Committee submitted in the fall the year before the course is proposed for.

Additional Materials

Curriculum Committee Motions Discussed at CAS Faculty Meeting, September 5, 2012