Natalie Finn '20: Simmons is an Oasis in the City

June 12, 2017

Natalie Finn

We caught up with Natalie about her experience at Simmons — and her PLAN course!

What's your major at Simmons? 

I'm studying nursing

What drew you to your program?

The nursing program at Simmons intrigued me because it recognized the importance of a well-rounded education for its students. 

As Simmons nursing graduates, we are not only expected to know the symptoms of anemia but also the biochemistry behind it. Some of the best hospitals in the country are located just minutes from our campus and that can make for amazing clinical opportunities.

What made you make the move to come to Simmons?

When I toured Simmons, I felt that I had found an oasis in the city. I wanted a city school that still had a campus to come home to, and Simmons was just that. 

What's your favorite thing about Simmons?

The people. The environment of Simmons is supportive and caring because of the people that work and study here. My professors take the time to learn my name and the dining hall waitstaff always greet you with a smile. The friends that I have made are some of the nicest people I've ever met.

What's your favorite thing about living in Boston?

How easy it can be to walk to places. It's surprising to learn how small the city actually is when you can walk from Simmons to MIT in no time. This makes exploring the city fun and a little exercise is an added bonus!

Tell us about your PLAN course.

My PLAN course was called "What the Health is Going on in Boston?" The course focused on the health care scene in Boston but also incorporated national health care topics. With every lesson, Professor Lowe would make connections to the role women played in the topic we were discussing. We also went on field trips to the Children's Hospital Simulation Lab and the Massachusetts General Hospital Ether Dome which exposed us to the exciting medical advances of Boston from both past and present.

What skills did you gain from your course?

The course was writing-based — so I learned how to write different types of papers at a collegiate level using the APA style for citation. Professor Lowe also wanted us to learn presentation skills, research methods and the locations of the nearest Starbucks to campus.

What's your favorite part of PLAN?

PLAN is fun because I got to choose a class outside of my designated program that I was interested in. The change from high school to college writing is shocking and took some getting used to, but having my PLAN course as my outlet for this adjustment made writing enjoyable.

What's your Simmons moment?

I recently had my Simmons moment in my microbiology lab. At the end of the semester we are assigned an unknown organism and we must preform a series of tests to determine what the organism is. Any wrong move could result in contamination, incorrect results, and a failing grade for the lab practical.

I preformed a series of experiments and anxiously awaited the results as it incubated. The next day I read my results and self-doubt set in. Fortunately, another nursing student who was a friend of mine was there with me in the lab and took time out of her own experimental observations to go through each result. With her support, I could confidently say I had Proteus vulgaris. 

Not only had I successfully performed all the experiments, but I had found a friend who wanted to see me succeed.