Mackenzie Farkus '20 Connects to Boston through Media

August 10, 2017

Mackenzie Farkus

Mackenzie filled us in on News@Boston and how it helped her explore the city!

What are you studying at Simmons?

I plan on majoring in communications on the public relations/marketing communications track. I'm also hoping to minor in radio.

What made you choose your program at Simmons?

I've always loved storytelling, the behind-the-scenes aspects of broadcasting, and following the news — so the communications program at Simmons is a natural fit for me. When I was picking my first semester schedule, it was really hard to narrow down what classes to choose because every single class in my major sounded captivating.

What PLAN course did you take? 

I took News@Boston, which explored the media landscape in Boston and was taught by Professor Porter. We focused on the history of the Fenway area and the Boston Globe Spotlight team's investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic archdiocese. We also had the opportunity to explore the Boston Globe's facilities and talk to a Simmons graduate who now works in digital content and design at the Globe.

What made you choose your PLAN course?

I love all things media-related, and I wanted to get to know Boston's media groups better. Since I'm not from the Boston area — I'm most recently from Texas, but have also lived in Washington, Georgia, and North Carolina — News@Boston was a great class to take, because I got to learn more about this amazing city and explore some of Boston's history through the lens of the media.

What skills did you gain from this course?

I gained valuable insight into my future field. Our trip to the Boston Globe inspired me to look up possible internships, and listening to the Fenway Liaison to Marty Walsh speak made me interested in becoming more involved in our community. I also published my news and academic writing since it's a very writing-intensive class.

What was your favorite part of PLAN?

How the classes have more hands-on learning. There wasn't a lecture every single class; there are partner activities, field trips, and guest speakers, which allowed me to dive in deeper and explore whatever subject I'm studying for PLAN.

What's your Simmons moment?

The experiences I had with my orientation group. Even though I was nervous about being so far away from home, my orientation group reinforced the idea that Simmons was the right place for me. A lot of the people from my group and I still get together every weekend to hang out, despite different classes and extra-curricular activities. They make me feel more at home.