Giulia Pintea '19 Discovers a Small College in a Big City

May 06, 2016

Giulia Pintea

We caught up with Giulia about coming to Simmons from Italy!

Where are you from and what are you studying at Simmons?

I’m from Italy. I plan to major in psychology and minor in business and statistics! I'm also part of the Honors Program.

What made you want to come to school in the U.S.?

My siblings came to study in the U.S. many years ago. They said it was a wonderful experience for them and it definitely helped them find better job opportunities. My family encouraged me to do the same which inspired me to attend high school and college in the U.S.

What made you choose Simmons?

Simmons is among very few colleges that provide merit scholarships for international students. Finances definitely played a big role in choosing where to pursue my undergraduate studies. Simmons also has a wide variety of programs and courses to choose from, which is very helpful for students with specific interests. Finally, Simmons’ location is the best of both worlds, since it’s a small college in a big city.

What was the biggest surprise you've encountered in the U.S.?

Freedom of choice. I come from an environment where students don't have any choice over what courses to take. And in Italy we don’t have extracurricular activities within colleges. It was very surprising to me how much choice students have in their colleges. I think freedom of choice for students is absolutely admirable. I wish we had it in my country too.

What activities are you involved in at Simmons?

I am involved with 2 student organizations: the Honors Liaison and the Multicultural International Student Organization (MISO). I'm also a tutor for Italian 101 and 201 in the Tutoring Center.

How has it been making friends at Simmons?

The presence of student organizations and events at Simmons makes it easy to meet new people and make new friends. MISO, especially, gives international students the opportunity to meet new people from other countries. 

What's your advice for other students considering coming to the U.S. for school?

I strongly encourage other students to pursue education in the U.S. It’s an amazing opportunity — and it’ll be very beneficial in the long term. Coming to the U.S. for school will give you access to new experiences and expose you to new ideas and points of view.

How is Simmons helping prepare you for your future?

Simmons is definitely providing me with plenty of opportunities to develop my leadership and critical thinking skills. Studying in a culturally diverse environment like Simmons is helping me grow as a leader and as a thinker.

What's your favorite thing about Simmons?

The safe, welcoming, inclusive environment. Simmons prioritizes the inclusion of people from different backgrounds —which shows that Simmons cares about its students.