Simmons Students Develop Marketing Campaign for Mobile App

December 08, 2016

Laura Campbell, Julie Nickerson and Erin Fisherman

Laura Campbell '17, Julie Nickerson '17 and Erin Fishman '19 told us about their internship with Conseris!

What are you studying at Simmons?

Laura: I'm majoring in public relations and marketing communications and minoring in retail management.

Julie: Public relations and marketing communications and business management with a focus in healthcare.

Erin: Journalism and public relations and marketing communications.

What made you choose your program?

L: I decided to take a couple introductory communications classes during my first year, which was the same time that I had discovered the world of social influencers. I discovered my fascination for not only advertising, but consumer psychology. Sophomore year I decided to add a minor in retail management because of my interest in working for a consumer brand.

J: I came to Simmons undecided but with a passion for writing and a mindset for business. I was inspired by my mother who worked in health insurance for nearly 30 years and climbed as a leader throughout her career. I try to be an active leader on campus as a member of a few student organizations, a resident advisor, a former Student Government Association representative and a peer mentor.

E: My excitement for journalism began in high school after working on the school newspaper and contributing Op/Ed pieces to publications such as the Cape Cod Times and Sandscript Magazine. During my first year at Simmons, I wanted to branch out from journalism and explore the public relations end of the spectrum. I love both fields because they compliment each other in ways that allow me to appreciate the regiment and structure of journalistic writing and the creative thinking needed to develop solutions in PR.

Tell us about your internship with Conseris.

L: My retail management professor handed out the job description in class and I immediately applied. Two interviews later I happily accepted the position! Conseris is a groundbreaking application that allows anyone to gather and analyze data, anywhere in the world, with or without Wi-Fi. As someone whose background is definitely not in technology and research, Conseris brings data collection to an accessible and understandable level.

J: A former Simmons student, Rhonda Edwards, approached several faculty members with the job description. I applied at the encouragement Professor Andy Porter, who is a firm believer in having multiple different types of experience before graduating. This opportunity happened to be a paid internship that offered remote capability. It's the right type of internship for my busy schedule and allows me to try my hand at advertising and publicity in the tech world.

E: Professor James Corcoran notified me about the position. The job description seemed to provide the perfect combination of my love for writing and creative thinking. I love Conseris because it inspires childlike wonder in everyone, combining our natural excitement for exploration with a beautiful, simple interface.

What type of work are you doing for Conseris?

L: I'm working on content marketing and community building through their social media platforms and traditional public relations.

J: I’ve been writing blog posts, tracking publicity, writing pitches and encouraging first-time users to try Conseris. Trust me when I say this app can change your life, even if it's as simple as tracking the amount of times you go to the gym in a week!

E: I'm handling business development and offline advertising strategies for Conseris, which involves reaching out to colleges and educational institutions for potential partnerships as well as pitching our app to tech podcasts and blogs for consideration. We're so excited to promote the app because it can be useful to both beginners and professionals in data management.

What excites you most about this internship?

L: It's very exciting to say that I'm playing a part in a company's inaugural marketing campaign. Conseris has such huge potential and I can’t wait to see our efforts come to life.

J: I've always been really interested in communicating things in an effective way and passionate about helping people. Lately my passion has been making things simpler in a complex world and I think that’s what's so great about this internship, it allows me to help people make data accessible.

E: I’m excited to develop creative strategies for promoting Conseris and explore possibilities for the app! Working for a startup is a uniquely gratifying experience — I get to witness a product being built from the ground up.

What made you choose Simmons?

L: Funny story, my boyfriend was looking into six-year physical therapy programs and became very interested in Simmons, until he realized about a week later that it's a women's-centered college. I then became interested in Simmons, since I was hoping to attend college in Boston. Long story short, I fell in love with Simmons’ commitment to women's empowerment and education, and four years later, here I am.

J: I chose Simmons because it just felt like I belonged. From faculty to students — and everyone in between — it felt like the right community for me. I'm honored to attend a women’s-centered institution that supports and encourages me to transform as a leader. 

E: Simmons is located in my favorite city, combining a tight-knit campus feel with the wide-open and vast possibilities an urban location has to offer. Additionally, I love Simmons’ dedication to women's empowerment.

What's your Simmons moment?

L: Senior year is my Simmons moment. I’m a full-time student and have multiple jobs and internships that cause me to run around all day, but I'm unbelievably happy and love what I do.

J: Participating in the AAF National Student Advertising Competition was my Simmons moment. It made me realize that there is nothing I love more than working in a collaborative and creative team environment and seeing things come together like never before. I'm thankful for all the support I felt here at Simmons during one of the most stressful times in my life. 

E: Campaigning for Hillary Clinton was so meaningful to me as a Simmons student. Getting to witness this election season in an environment filled with strong, intelligent and driven women made it all the more fulfilling. 

From left: Erin Fishman, Laura Campbell and Julie Nickerson.