Technology Internship Takes Julia Belkin '17 To England

August 04, 2016

Julia Belkin

Julia filled us in on her internship at Opsview IT Monitoring!

What are you studying at Simmons?

I'm majoring in business and minoring in marketing.

Where are you interning this summer? 

I'm the Marketing Intern at Opsview IT Monitoring. My position is digitally based — producing content, updating or building new web pages through Drupal and directing and assisting with email campaigns. I also write a significant number of technical blogs and articles.

How did you hear about your internship? The Office Manager at Opsview contacted me directly to arrange a preliminary phone interview. A few days later, they requested a follow-up Skype interview and I was offered the position several days after that. I was even sent a t-shirt and lanyard before starting to show I was really a team member!

What's the most rewarding part of your experience so far?

The personal growth I've experienced. While this isn't my first internship, it's my first experience in a true professional office setting, with deadlines and personal accountability for my assignments — which often get released to our database of over 50,000 customers. Traveling overseas was also an incredible experience.

Tell us about traveling to England for your internship.

I actually didn't even know I was being sent to the U.K. until my first day of work when HR told me they needed a copy of my passport! I was sent for 6 days and worked in the Reading, England office. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Although I am the only intern in the U.S. office, the U.K. had 6, so we were all scheduled for training together in the Reading office. The interns became a pretty close knit group that hung out during lunches and after work, so it was a really great sense of community. Although the jet lag was pretty rough at first, I feel so grateful for the opportunity to have been sent abroad!

What are the top 3 lessons you've learned from your internship?

I've already learned more in 2 months than I thought I would in an entire year! 

  1. Check in with your manager and ask for your tasks to be prioritized. Don't be afraid to ask questions! I've learned your bosses don't expect you to have all the answers, they hired you because you are capable of learning them. 
  2. Always make your input heard. During team meetings it's very easy to sit back silently and listen while others answer, but the more proactive you are, the more your managers will respect and value what you have to say. 
  3. If you have free time, rise to the occasion! Ask if anything else needs to be done. Be a hard worker!

What advice would you give to students considering studying STEM?

My position is unique because while I work on the marketing team, my position is reliant on technical knowledge and experience. STEM is a field often relegated to those in technical majors, but there's so much you can teach yourself that can give you the opportunity to work in STEM.

Although my major is business, I've taught myself basic HTML coding, software and hardware knowledge and CSM and CRM systems simply through watching YouTube tutorials and forums, which have given me an edge against applicants without that background. The resources are out there — use them!

What made you choose Simmons?

I wanted the all-women's experience. I wanted to feel empowered on campus and meet more like-minded people. I also love being right in the city and living next to Newbury Street and Fenway Park — even if the Green Line is the worst!

What's your Simmons moment?

Soiree my first year; it was so magical for me to be there with all the girls I'm still friends with today!


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