Savita Chongratanakul '16 Lands Sweet Internship in Thailand

August 25, 2015

Sevita Chongratanakul

This summer, Savita went home to Bangkok, Thailand to intern at Unilever and market their Magnum ice cream!

What are you studying at Simmons?

I am completing a joint degree in marketing and communication.

What drew you to your major?

I was really captivated by the impact of advertising on people, cultures and evolving trends. It not only reflects the current culture, but advertising and marketing also ignite powerful changes and inspire growth and technological innovation. 

What’s your favorite part of your program?

My program allows me to gain both educational and professional experience. I wanted to participate in a program that would allow me to take my academic skills and apply them to real-world projects. This multifaceted approach has helped me to develop confidence and begin honing my leadership skills prior to entering the workforce. 

What’s your favorite class you have taken so far?

Media convergence -- because it taught me how to utilize tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and Final Cut Pro; all of which I hadn't previously used. These tools are really important in the marketing field because they allow us to harness our thoughts and ideas into relatable ad campaigns that are real and resonate with our target audiences.

Where are you interning?

I’m interning at Unilever for 3 months. I’m an assistant Brand Manager for Magnum ice cream. My task is to manage an internal PR campaign for the launch of our new, Magnum ice cream product Magnum White. In an effort to raise awareness, I sent an email to every employee in Unilever announcing my introductory promotion. Everyone who posted their picture at the Magnum White standee to either Facebook or Instagram received a free ice-cream. I ordered 200 ice cream products in advance of the campaign start; and amazingly all 200 were gone within 3 hours! This experience helped me to see how important and powerful internal communication is. It's crucial to ensure our local community believe in the product first before unleashing our full campaign on our complete target audience.

What was the application/interview process like for your internship?

I was able to conduct my interview via phone which was helpful since I needed to secure an internship while attending classes in the U.S. However, the significant time difference presented some challenges. We had a casual conversation where they asked me to elaborate on my strengths and weaknesses.

What made you come to school at Simmons?

I really love how Simmons is a family that offers a strong support system and actively encourages us to help each other. Simmons promotes and mentors women to show their power, leadership and skills which I feel helps bridge equality gaps.

Do you have a Simmons moment?

My Simmons moment was orientation week. Although I came to orientation from Thailand, I felt so welcomed because everyone readily accepted me as a part of the beautiful Simmons community.