Alexia Oliver, '16 Gets Moving at Her Internship

August 05, 2014

Alexia Oliver

Alexia interned at Body for Boyle over the summer!

What are you studying at Simmons?

I'm earning her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and minoring in nutrition.

Where are you spending the summer? What are you doing?

I'm spending my summer in Woburn, Massachusetts doing an internship with Mike Boyle strength and conditioning, "Body by Boyle." Here I coach up to 300 middle school, high school and collegiate athletes per day. I also observe and assist professional athletes in the following areas of performance enhancement:
  • Dynamic warm-up and flexibility drills; including the agility ladder
  • Speed development lateral movement enhancement
  • Plyometric drills
  • Conditioning; including slideboard work
  • Olympic lifting and explosive training techniques
  • Core stabilization; including medicine ball work
  • Overall strength training with increased proprioceptive demands
  • Daily setup of the gym and weight room

What's the most rewarding part of your experience so far?

The connections I've made with various athletes. I've met a wide range of athletes from middle school age to elite professionals. Meeting NFL, NHL, NBL and US Olympic athletes motivates me to work harder ever day. The younger athletes are just as important because they're in the building stages. They're at a crucial period in their lives. These are the years that will build them into pro athletes. The progression of these younger athletes is a very rewarding experience. I was most happy when I was assigned to a particular athlete. I was told she was not very athletic and struggled with the majority of the exercises. I began to work with her, teaching her the proper technique for the exercises and encouraging her throughout the entire process. The last week was record breaking! I began to jump up and down when she performed a routine properly. I knew she had listened and understood my coaching because she was finally able to master this complex process. It put the biggest smile on her face and I knew that all of my hard work and effort had paid off!

What excites you the most about coming back to Simmons in the fall?

I play both field hockey and lacrosse for Simmons, so I'm excited to come back for field hockey pre-season in the fall and to see all my teammates again! I'm going to relay the new information I've learned through my internship to my teammates and hopefully my knowledge will make our team stronger. I'm excited for the new season ahead in our new conference. My hope is that my team and I win the GNAC!