Stress Tips for Finals

December 11, 2015

Stress tips

Our social work faculty compiled a list of tips to reduce stress during finals!

  1. Create a detailed calendar with your due dates – but also make a reverse calendar that highlights available time. Scan your day and be mindful of those 30 to 60 minute gaps and be purposeful about how you want to fill that time. Do you need a nap? Maybe some fresh air?
  2. Don't forget about the basics! Eat meals at the times you're used to eating and try your best to get restful sleep.
  3. Petting an animal can reduce stress – so sit down with your pet for some cuddle time! Don't miss a visit from the therapy dogs on December 15th from 1-2 p.m. and 4-5 p.m. in the library!
  4. Make purposeful music choices: do you need something upbeat to feel motivated? Do you need something peaceful to help you relax?
  5. Find something that genuinely makes you laugh. Watch a funny video or a favorite TV show. Laughter counteracts stress hormones in your body. These small breaks can relieve stress.
  6. Try determining which of the senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell or taste – feels like the most natural fit for relaxation. For example: the smell of a favorite hand moisturizer, pictures of loved ones or a cup of mint tea can help you to relax.

For more information reach out to the tutoring center and counseling services.