Simmons SSW Hosted the NSWM's 25th Annual Management Conference

June 10, 2014

It was an inspiring time last Thursday and Friday when Simmons School of Social Work hosted the Network for Social Work Management's 25th Annual Management Conference. With over 250 attendees the conference was a perfect venue for collaboration, networking, and innovation! Attendees ranged from researchers and professors, to practitioners and emerging leaders. A wide variety of panels, workshops, and presentations were held allowing for invigorating discussions and open forums for professionals from the public, private and non-profit sector.

Leadership was a prominent theme throughout the conference and a topic of discussion at several of the workshops. Presenters Jennifer L. Magnabosco and Murali Nair from the University of Southern California's School of Social Work provided a deeper understanding of leadership as it relates to human service organizations during their talk on Thursday. Magnabosco and Nair stressed how creating an effective management and leadership system is pivotal to the advancement of the human services profession. Creating an environment where leadership is at the forefront will motivate and inspire human service professionals to have an even greater impact on their profession.

Monica Leisey, Assistant Professor at Salem State University, also spoke to the engaged audience about the importance of improving and instilling leadership skills among social workers and social work students. Leisey's presentation was nothing short of empowering! Teaching social work students to be pro-active, confident, and assertive is just the start of building an even stronger foundation to make positive change.

The excitement continued on Friday with another full day of engaging presentations. Participants attended morning and afternoon sessions, and were invited to an exciting presentation over lunch by 2U —an educational technology company that partners with universities to enable them to create and deliver online degree programs (including the new SocialWork@Simmons online MSW)! Mayena Yonoszai and Megan Schneider focused their talk on social media and the ways in which it can enhance community outreach. How interesting is that! As the internet becomes a bigger influencer than TV, as Yonoszai and Schneider pointed out, social work professionals can now utilize these platforms to better connect with those in need. Not only does a presence on social media sites allow for the enhancement of community outreach, it also allows for collaboration with other social work professionals. Connecting and collaborating on LinkedIn and sharing ideas and insights on Twitter are just a few examples of how social media can enable the global community of social work professionals to grow! On that note, be sure to link up with everyone you connected with last week and share your thoughts and experiences on Twitter using #NSWM25!