Graduate Nursing Students Present Research

November 16, 2015

Research Symposium 2015

Symposium Showcases Student Achievements in Research

Nursing students had a chance to share their scholarly projects at a Research Symposium hosted by the Simmons graduate nursing program

Students’ research was completed as a part of NURS 508 Scholarly Inquiry. The course explores the relationship of nursing theory, science, practice and research from the quantitative perspective. 

Projects had a focus on quality/practice improvement. Many students will be submitting their research for publication and conference presentations. 

A number of students presented their research to classmates, faculty and guests at the Research Symposium. 

  • The Lived Experience of Women’s Sexual Health After HSCT by Sara Astarita, RN, BSN and Linda Caruso, RN, BSN
  • Quality Improvement Project: Cervical Collar Care by Candace Lai, BA, RN and Julia Elizabeth Murphy, BS, RN
  • Exploring Infant Feeding Practices of Women in La Romana Bateyes by Giuliana De Marchi, RN, BSN and Christine Shaughnessy, RN, BSN
  • Vaccination Rates in a Nurse Practitioner-Owned Practice by Jennie Lee, RN and Elise Morrell, BSN, RN
  • Patient Acuity Tool Pilot Trial by Natalia Galindo, RN, BSN and Jaclyn Glenn, RN, BS

The Research Symposium also featured student poster presentations. Topics ranged from NCLEX Preparation to Managing Obesity in Hospitalized Patients and Osteoarthritis