LIS Student Awarded Best Paper by Society of American Archivists

May 15, 2017

Anna Robinson Sweet

Anna Robinson-Sweet has been awarded the Theodore Calvin Pease Award

Simmons SLIS Student Anna Robinson-Sweet has been awarded the Theodore Calvin Pease Award for her paper, "Truth and Reconciliation: Archivists as Reparations Activists." The Pease Award, named in honor of the first editor of The American Archivist, is given annually by the Society of American Archivists (SAA) in recognition of the best paper written by a student of archival studies. Entries are judged on "innovation, scholarship, pertinence, and clarity of writing." Robinson-Sweet will receive a certificate, a $250 cash prize, and her paper will be published in The American Archivist (forthcoming Spring/Summer 2018, Vol. 81, No. 1).

"I am honored that my paper has been selected as the winner of the Theodore Calvin Pease Award," says Anna Robinson-Sweet. "The paper examines the relationship between reparations campaigns and archives, arguing that this relationship requires archivists to take on the role of reparations activists, particularly in the movement for slavery reparations in the United States. I look forward to presenting the paper at the annual SAA conference this summer and its publication in The American Archivist, and to getting feedback from the archivist community."

Robinson-Sweet wrote this paper for LIS 438: Introduction to Archival Methods and Services. Assistant Professor Janet Ceja, who nominated the paper for the award, says that "Anna’s paper articulates a much needed student perspective on current archival discussions on social justice. Anna expands on these discussions by framing social justice in archives through the lens of reparations. Her work expresses an activist spirit that I see many new professionals engaging with in theory and practice. Anna’s work is also representative of how some students are making sense of and viewing their roles as future archivists."

Here's the list of 2017 SAA award winners, and information about the Theodore Calvin Pease Award.