Books on the T: A Commuting Reader's Dream

May 30, 2017

Books on the T

Araceli Hintermeister ’16LS and Catherine Gaggioli ’16LS bring books to the MBTA

Araceli Hintermeister ’16LS and Catherine Gaggioli ’16LS, along with colleague Judy Gelman, were featured in a recent Boston Globe article about their project to leave free reading materials for commuters on the MBTA. 

"The project was started on the London Underground by a woman named Hollie Fraser," says Catherine. "From there it spread around the world and I was following the movement on social media for a while. It was Araceli who asked me if I wanted to help get it started here [in Boston]. Araceli and I both did the dual degree program for History and Archives Management and graduated last April. Starting a branch of 'Books on the Move' is a way for us to fulfill our desire to spread the joy of books and reading."

Araceli adds, "My time with the Progressive Librarians Guild and the Students of Color at SLIS had an influence in ensuring that we provide a diverse set of books for a diverse readership. Also that book drops reach different communities throughout Boston. I think that is a huge focus for all of the co-founders, but that is where my time with other Simmons students has seeped through."

Catherine has plans to expand the project. "Our hope is that this project draws attention to local authors and inspires MBTA riders to keep reading.  I have always enjoyed peeking at what people are reading on their morning commutes, and I'm looking forward to seeing people reading the books we drop."

Visit the Globe article for more details, or follow this project on Instagram

Photo: Catherine Gaggioli, Judy Gelman, Araceli Hintermeister. Photo courtesy of Catherine Gaggioli.