Two Grants for Computer Science Students and Faculty

July 28, 2016

Amber Stubbs

Collaborative Research Experiences for Undergraduates (CREU) Fund Projects

Assistant Professor Amber Stubbs and Computer Science students Amal Saeed and Jazzmine White have received a grant from Collaborative Research Experiences for Undergraduates (CREU) for their project, “Identifying and Analyzing Security Vulnerabilities in Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs).” Stubbs will act as faculty advisor for the project, which builds upon the past research experience of both participants. From their proposal, “BCIs read the user’s brain waves and facial movements to complete a function. After a few training sessions, the user is able to effortlessly complete tasks without lifting a finger. This CREU project is designed to provide an immersive research experience of BCIs for two undergraduate students by identifying and attempting to resolve security vulnerabilities in commercially available BCIs.”

Professor Nanette Veilleux and Computer Science students Karina Bercan, Sara Harland, Emily Chicklis received a CREU grant for “Intonation and Evidence.” From their proposal, “Intonation and Evidence is an interdisciplinary research project in Computer Science and Linguistics which seeks to improve computers’ speech understanding by identifying appropriate prosody. Through a series of production and perceptual experiments designed to capture human speech in context, the appropriate prosodic contour will be captured. These findings will then be used to augment automatic speech synthesis and the output will be tested for naturalness and ease of understanding. This project explores prosodic variation, focusing specifically on changes in intonation, or pitch, to evaluate the specific pragmatic meanings of various intonation patterns. It further evaluates the effect which a speaker's knowledge in the context a given conversational situation has on the pitch used in producing an utterance.”