Prof. Bastian’s Program Receives Council of State Archives Award

August 01, 2016

Jeannette Allis Bastian

Massachusetts Municipal Clerks Archival Education Program Receives Rising Star Award

The Council of State Archives (CoSA) has awarded the Massachusetts Archives and its partners this year's Rising Star Award for the Massachusetts Municipal Clerks Archival Education Program (MMCARP) project. The Awards Committee “recognizes the importance of this training program as a state-wide program and a national model.” The Rising Star Award will be presented at the CoSA-Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting in Atlanta, August 4, 2016.

The MMCARP, an online archives education program for Municipal Clerks, was created in 2013 by Prof. Jeannette Bastian and co-PI Gregor Trinkhaus Randall, former SLIS alum at the Mass Board of Library Commissioners, with the support of a grant from National Historic Preservation and Records Commission (NHPRC). NHPRC is the funding arm of the National Archives. The project addresses the nationwide need for the archival care and management of local permanent records by planning and implementing an educational framework and curriculum in archives and records administration and electronic records designed for municipal and county clerks. The curriculum is designed to accommodate work schedules and provide professional guidance so that Municipal Clerks can effectively manage the permanent local archival records in their custody—paper and electronic—and advise their communities in archival practices.  

This need is particularly acute in Massachusetts where records created in towns, no matter how old, must remain in the towns in perpetuity. Municipal clerks in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have been the test audience for a national model that has been developed and implemented over the three-year period of the grant.

SLIS faculty members Kathy Wisser and Donna Webber participate in the Working Group that plans and monitors the courses, and former faculty member Joel Blanco-Rivera who participates virtually from the University of Puerto Rico. The Working Group also includes three Municipal Clerks, representatives from the Massachusetts State Archives and Board of Library Commissioners as well as an Instructional Designer and a SLIS student assistant, Kevin MacAuley. The Working Group is currently designing a public website to make the online program available nationally.