The Right to Know Symposium at Simmons

Assistant Professor Joel Blanco-Rivera and Assistant Professor Laura Saunders presented the symposium "The Right to Know: Information Access & Information Literacy in the Professions" at Simmons on March 31. The keynote speakers were Paul Sturges, Professor Emeritus, Loughborough University, UK and Almuth Gastinger, Senior Research Librarian, Norwegian University of Science & Technology. Saunders and Blanco-Rivera participated in a panel discussion with SSW Professor of Practice Gary Bailey, SHS Professor of Practice Rebecca Koeniger-Donohue, SOM Dean/Associate Professor John Lowe, and CAS Associate Professor Catherine Paden. The event was funded through a Simmons College PDIAC/SimmonsPalooza grant, and is co-sponsored by the American Library Association Student Chapter (ALA/SC) and the Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG).