Children's Literature and the Dual-Degree Experience

December 04, 2014


Get the scoop on the dual degree Children's Lit/LIS program from current student Alec Chunn

The Master's program in Children's Literature at Simmons offers four unique dual degree programs, combining the Master of Arts in Children's Literature with either a Master of Science in Library and Information Science, a Master of Arts in Teaching, a Master of Arts in English, or a Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children. These distinct tracks attract students with diverse career goals, thus bringing together a rich array of perspectives not typically housed in one program. We interviewed a selection of dual degree students for their perspectives on the program, starting with Alec Chunn. To read the full article visit the SLIS InfoLink

Current dual-degree student Alec Chunn (M.A. '15/M.S. '15) said of the Children's Literature program, "Situated with the dual-degree programs, Simmons' program is a microcosm of the greater children's literature universe. I cannot think of anywhere else where you have writers, editors, agents, and librarians under the same roof, let alone in the same class." Thus Chunn left his West Coast home in Washington State to pursue the dual Master of Arts in Children's Literature combined with a Master of Science in Library and Information Science at Simmons.

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By Dean's Communications Fellow Lily Troia