Where Are They Now: Emina Zahirovic '14, '15MBA

September 19, 2018

Emina shares her experience as a Payment Processing Manager for Synapse Group, Inc.

picture of Emina Z.

What does your job entail? 

As the Payment Processing Associate Manager for Synapse Group Inc., my job is to manage multiple vendors and partnerships, providing analytic insight for business optimization as it relates to processing, fraud and trends in the credit card industry. I also develop risk models for recurring billing, chargeback forecasting and overall billing activity. As project manager for back end integration initiatives, I seek to expand existing capabilities, such as integrating PayPal as a method of payment for customers. 

What brought you to Simmons to study in the MBA program? 

I was drawn to Simmons because of the atmosphere and culture. I was always fascinated by how companies touch society through marketing and how evolved it has become with social change and environmental footprints, among other issues. That lead me to get my BSBA in marketing. I felt empowered as a student in the program, which prepared me to excel as a woman in business. Towards the end of my degree, I wanted to focus more on the analytics behind companies and the foundation on which they function. I applied to the MBA program to expand my knowledge and have an edge as a young businessperson. My MBA helps me every day in understanding organizational changes and how to best handle difficult situations.

Why is your work rewarding? 

I work in the magazine publishing industry and my role is a mix of financial planning, risk mitigation and backend/information technology. I touch a variety of different departments, which gives me a taste of experience from each.

Do you have any advice for students who are in the job search? 

Network – the opportunities are endless! Don't be afraid to look for new opportunities and ways to grow – and don't be afraid to try something unexpected. I didn't expect to be working for the largest magazine distributor in the U.S., but it's provided me with a rich, varied experience that I can use in future roles.

Photo courtesy of Emina Zahirovic.