Where Are They Now? Robby Robertson '15MHA

March 02, 2018

Picture of Robby Robertson

Robertson tells us about his experience as the Chief Facilities Officer for Lahey Health System.

What does your job entail?  

As Chief Facilities Officer at Lahey Health System, my job is to provide vision and leadership for Lahey Health, Real Estate, Construction, Maintenance and Plant Operations departments, which consists of 5 hospitals and over 120 locations for outpatient and physician services. In addition, I ensure continuous operations to meet the demands of all the patients we serve, as well as develop multi year master facilities planning.

How did Simmons help prepare you for your career? 

Simmons offered classes comprised of folks already in the work force looking to advance their careers. The faculty are experts in their fields and are passionate about their work. Their enthusiasm pushed students to dig down deep, think, reflect and become better leaders. All are dedicated educators committed to teaching excellence and who take pride in mentoring students. The curriculum was rigorous and fully engaged students to have healthy discussions and to think independently. The faculty’s understanding of health care administration culture was exceptional.

Why is your work rewarding?  

I'm passionate about my job. It's challenging, but exciting. I'm empowered and allowed to develop my team members. Although at times our world is very reactive, we as a team try to be proactive and improve processes and work flow design. Our mission at Lahey is to provide high-quality, value-based health care services to all the communities we serve. Employees take it seriously, as they truly care. The culture, diversity and mindset is that of teamwork.

What advice would you give to the current Simmons students?  

If you listen well, engage and give 110%, you will succeed. The wisdom Simmons faculty provide is invaluable. I've been fortunate in my life: I have an amazing wife, beautiful healthy children, and multiple career advancements which led to achieving the highest position within my field. When reflecting on these life and work accomplishments, completing the Simmons MHA program is one of my proudest moments—an experience to remember for a lifetime.