School of Business Celebrates Graduates

June 06, 2018

Picture of Business School students at graduation celebration

The Simmons School of Business celebrated over 100 recent graduates!

On Thursday, May 17, the School of Business celebrated over 100 dedicated students who worked hard and completed their degree requirements in four programs: Master of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration in Health Care, Master of Health Administration, Dual degree program: Master of Business Administration and Master of Social Work, and undergraduate business management. 

Students finishing their degree requirements in July, August or October were also honored. Associate Dean Patricia Deyton, newly appointed Business School Director Michel Delorme, and program faculty and staff celebrated their remarkable accomplishments.

Congratulations to the May 2018 graduates:

MBA: Jillian Augusta, Kristin Bell, Vanessa Etienne, Vonnessa Goode-Knight and Jenna Tinsley*   Picture of May 2018 business administration graduates

MHA: Brian Johnston

Dual degree MBA/MSW: Dennishia Bell and Vivian Ho

Business management (pictured right): Veronica Arnoff, Madison Darrah, Maura Domkouski, Zoe Eckert, Elizabeth Eddy, Valarie Frost, Samantha Gilliam, Kayla Humel, Mehwish Irfan, Diana Lam, Molly McDonald, Nhung Nguyen, Natasha Ouimette, Heather Provost,  Elizabeth Rea-Wilson, Azka Siddiqui, Sonya Sondhi and Tenley Weinstein

Congratulations to the School of Business graduates of August 2017, October 2017 and January 2018:

MBA: Olga Alarcon, Lilian Alvardo, Jennifer Banks, Gleny Burgos, Patty Collinsworth**, Jodi Delibertis, Eileen Durgin, Amanda Galban, Kelly Harris, Megan Higgins, Anne Hillier, Erin O’Connell and Lindsay Winkler

MBA in Health Care: Gabriel Arato, Christopher Ascencio, Latoya Brewster, Katherine Brock, Traynor Canny*, Laura Carroll, Megan Cicchese, Lucas Copperman, Westley Evans, Elizabeth Friary, Cherie Goodrick, Brendan Jackson, Jennifer Kent, Margaret McCleary**, Maura Millette, Brenna Murphy, Sarah O’Shaughnessy, Blerina Rista, Elisabeth Roughan, Louise Secordel*, Aisha Twells, Lillian Vautour, Jennie Vital, Kelly Webb and Lisa Wu

MSM: Faith Castiglione, Theresa Griffin, Kristina Pechulis, Vivian Phelan, Sara Purisky, Julie Thermidor, Fatima Smith and Jaunita White

Business management: Trang Nguyen

See the full list of Academic Awards, Teaching Awards and Honor Societies Awards given out to the 2017-2018 faculty and graduate students.

**Highest Honors, *High Honors