Where Are They Now? Megan McGrath '17SM

February 08, 2018

We caught up with Megan about her work at Harvard Medical School and Northeastern University

Picture of Megan McGrath

What is your role at Harvard?

I'm the Director of Communications at Harvard Medical School’s Center for Primary Care. I oversee the Center’s comprehensive communications strategy including PR, branding, and content creation and distribution through a variety of channels including the Center’s website, social and print media, and events. A journalist by training, I enjoy distilling complex health care concepts into digestible material for the Center’s various audiences. One of my favorite parts of my job is engaging in coaching and mentorship. For example, to enhance the abilities of our senior leadership team, I've developed and implemented a training program on messaging and public speaking.

You recently began teaching at Northeastern. What are you teaching?

In January, I began teaching graduate students in communications at Northeastern University for the College of Professional Studies. I'm excited to share some of the concepts I learned during my time at Simmons and throughout my career. I know firsthand how classroom work can impact one’s job performance. Also, during my time at Harvard, I've been involved in the creation of executive education and continuing education programs. I've learned a great deal about adult learning theory and I look forward to applying some of this knowledge in the classroom.

What made you decide to teach at Northeastern?

I went to Northeastern for undergraduate studies and had an overwhelmingly positive experience. Their blend of experiential education was particularly helpful and I believe gave me a leg up when entering the workforce. It was this experience and reputation that led me to explore opportunities with Northeastern. 

As a recent alum, what do you look forward to most in your career?

Receiving my master’s in management has opened up new doors for me – I wouldn’t have the opportunity to teach without it. Also, a great deal of what I learned in the classroom is applicable in my job. I look forward to seeing what other doors are opened to me as a result of my time at Simmons. 

What advice would you give to current Simmons students?

Going to school while working full-time is a challenge, to say the least. Finding time to fit everything in can be overwhelming, but it will be worth it.