Simmons Recognizes Third Health Care MBA Graduating Class

September 28, 2017

Health Care MBA Graduates Sept 2017

Earlier this week, the Simmons School of Business recognized the third Health Care MBA graduating class.

On Monday, September 25th the Simmons College School of Business recognized the third Health Care MBA graduating class. Program Director, Cathy Robbins, along with Professors Angela Chang, Gary Gaumer and Bob Coulam congratulated 25 dedicated students and celebrated their remarkable accomplishments. 

“This day has been a long time coming for all of you. You have worked hard, you have brought your intellects, your spirits of inquiry and your hearts to your work here as students. It has been five years since we first envisioned the potential for a Health Care MBA Program here at the School of Management. You have been part of the building of that program. You have demonstrated the value of a program that prepares working professionals in health care providers, payers, and support functions,” said Robbins.

The 2017 Health Care MBA graduates are Gabriel Arato, Christopher Ascencio, Latoya Brewster, Katherine Brock, Traynor Canny, Laura Carroll, Megan Cicchese, Lucas Copperman, Westley Evans, Elizabeth Friary, Cherie Goodrick, Brendan Jackson, Jennifer Kent, Margaret McCleary, Maura Millette, Brenna Murphy, Sarah O’Shaughnessy, Blerina Rista, Elisabeth Roughan, Louise Secordel, Aisha Twells, Lillian Vautour, Jennie Vital, Kelly Webb and Lisa Wu.

 “Most importantly, it has been almost three years for all of you who we acknowledge today as graduates of the third Health Care MBA class. Three years from when you first heard about a new program, decided to take a chance to come here to Simmons to take part in that program, and have now completed the course work as graduates. You came with a passion about health management, experience working in many different places, and you brought not only those experiences, but your selves.”  Robbins added.

During the graduation ceremony, a record 13 of the Health Care MBA graduates were inducted into the Upsilon Phi Delta Honor Society, an honor extended to graduates with a GPA of 3.8 or higher. Gabriel Arato, Traynor Canny, Laura Carroll, Kelly Clifford, Lucas Copperman, Westley Evans, Cherie Goodrick, Brendan Jackson, Margaret McCleary, Brenna Murphy, Elisabeth Roughan, Louise Secordel and Aisha Twells.

Gabriel Arato, Traynor Canny, Margaret McCleary, Louise Secordel, Aisha Twells, Kelly Webb were also inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society earlier, along with the MBA students.

Secordel was also awarded the Health Care Leadership Award, which is given to a student who demonstrates superior competence and professional promise in the field of healthcare management.

McCleary was also awarded the Academic Achievement Award, which is given in is in recognition of the one student who graduates with the highest Grade Point Average in the class.

Brendan Jackson spoke on behalf of the third graduating class. He was selected by his peers to be the class speaker. Jackson identified common themes from the shared experience of his class as hard, work, exhausting, sacrifice, and relived.  He concluded “I am so incredibly proud of the work we have done, and can’t wait to see where we end up. Mission accomplished.” Robbins commented “I always thought those reflective journals from our finance classes would come in handy somehow and it’s great to see that they can help with composing a terrific reflection on behalf of your experience and that of your fellow graduates.”

Congratulations to our 25 graduates on your accomplishment!

Student Receiving Award

Student Receiving Award

Left photo: Louise Secordel receiving the HCMBA Leadership Award from Cathy Robbins.

Right photo: Meg McCleary receiving the Academic Achievement Award from Cathy Robbins.