Student Spotlight: Emma Tremblay '17

March 02, 2017

Emma Tremblay

Emma Tremblay, '17 a double major in Finance and Management talks about her job searches, internships and how Simmons prepared her for her career.

What are you studying at the Simmons School of Management?

I am a double major in Finance and Management.

Where will you be working after graduating from Simmons in May?

I will be working at Stone Coast Fund Services as a hedge fund accountant.

What was the job search like for you?

Intense, as I’m sure it is for others, but not very traditional. I never really “searched” for a job. I searched for people who could help me find one. I started reaching out to anyone in my network who would talk to me and might be able to point me in the direction of a post-graduation job or who connect me to someone who could starting in September. As a result, I only interviewed with two companies (for a total of four positions) and had my choice of three positions.

How did you know that Stone Coast was the right for you for the start of your career?

I knew Stone Coast was for me because it fit my two major criteria, location and culture. Being in Boston for undergraduate has been one of the best experiences of my life, but I knew that ultimately I wanted to be in Southern Maine. Additionally, having experience through other work opportunities I knew there was a specific culture I was looking for. I can confidently say I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up so the day to day of the position just had to fit my skills, and because I don’t have a concrete idea – I needed a culture that was small, promoted learning, and was invested in my success. I didn’t like the idea of a formal training program because it was too impersonal. At Stone Coast I will be placed on a small team (5-7) and will be trained by one person directly and get right into the work on my first day. It was evident from my interviews with Stone Coast that the company possesses that culture, by having an extremely low turnover rate and I even interviewed with the CEO so that he could personally get to know me. This all boils down to me being able to picture myself in the culture effortlessly.

What are some past internships you’ve had through your time with School of Management?

I have had three internships while at Simmons. During my Junior and Senior years I have been the Volunteer Coordinator for Jumpstart. The summer going into junior year I was the finance/accounting intern for Colony Foods. Finally, the summer before my Senior year I was part of the Workday@College program where I was the Human Resources/ Financial Information Systems intern at TripAdvisor. 

How has your time at Simmons prepared you for your career? 

Though there was no “Hedge Fund Accounting 101” offered as a class, Simmons has given me so many applicable skills. Knowing how to step up and advocate for myself have been huge! I’ve never been afraid of a challenge and that confidence has gotten me far. Additionally, Simmons taught me the values of asking questions because if you’re in a place you can’t learn/grow it’s not the right place. Also, the importance of working on a team and navigating those delicate dynamics is huge, which is a skill that I have honed well here.

Do you have any advice for students who are currently in the job search? 

Everyone always talks about the importance of a network and it’s all about who know. Though I am here knowing that I got my job post-graduation partly because of my network I want to highlight that it's partly. Your network gets you the first 50% of the way, it gets you in the door. However, the other half is all about what you bring to the table. I got my resume put to the top of the pile because of who I knew, but everything after that was all about what I brought to the table. I was able to enter those interviews and answers the questions, pass the test because I was capable. So kno w that if you have it, worked hard, know what you're doing and you are confident in that, it becomes less and less about who you know.