Carla Harris, Keynote Speaker at the 2015 Simmons Leadership Conference Shares Her Pearls for Success

December 01, 2016


In her latest book, "Strategize to Win" Carla Harris gives her key pearls for managing your career.

Carla Harris is a highly respected woman in the business world. She is a managing director and senior client advisor at Morgan Stanley. Throughout her career, Harris has made a lot of strategic choices and embraced both risks and change that helped her to reach the top levels in her profession. In that spirit, her latest book, Strategize to Win, is a walk-through of the steps involved in planning and executing a next career move. Harris identifies the issues that most of us face in the professional world and captivates us with her advice on how to resolve them no matter the environment.

Carla's Pearls

  • Inventory your strengths and weaknesses, categorizing your experiences, both professional and extracurricular and philanthropic, and focus on what you learned and what skills you developed.
  • You must define success in a way that you can deliver and that will allow you to create performance currency by delivering a visible, identifiable achievement.
  • The level of responsibility that you will have in a prospective role is important, but it is equally, if not more, important to evaluate your job opportunities by the kind of experience and expertise that you are likely to have when you finish in the role.
  • You can’t fix it if you don’t know that it’s broken. Whether or not you think it is valid, never be argumentative or aggressive toward someone offering you constructive criticism. Be open to what people have to communicate; it will help you continue to grow.

Change is an inevitable part of any career, and although it can be stressful it can work to your advantage. Take a positive attitude and decide how to approach it based on what skills and experience you have to offer, along with your interests and career plan.

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