First Year Students Explore a Boston Culinary Hub

April 18, 2016

Commonwealth Kitchens

Dylan Stoesser '20 fills us in on her behind-the-scenes tour of Commonwealth Kitchens, a part of the Leadership Course, Leading in the Food Industry.

Amidst the neighborhoods of Dorchester sits a hub of culinary innovation and creativity. Commonwealth Kitchens is a collection of industrial kitchens and storage spaces where small food businesses can grow. By applying to use the space and renting time in the kitchens, these businesses can begin making their products on a larger scale. This allows them to place their products in more stores, open brick and mortar restaurants in addition to their food trucks, or be able to reach more customers with their products.

Commonwealth KitchensI was introduced to Commonwealth Kitchen through the Leading in the Food Industry Simmons Leadership Course, taught by School of Management Professor Cynthia Ingols. It was love at first sight. Surrounded by food trucks, this beloved building is home to so many culinary dreams. As our class toured the kitchens, we had the opportunity to meet the artists behind Apotheker’s “bee sweetened goods.” We were also lucky enough to sample their delectable marshmallows and their tasty quinoa with cacao nib chocolate bars. Their tagline, “bee sweetened goods” points to their use of honey instead of refined sugars. This leads to an equally sweet and even more delicious take on treats.

As we made our way through the facilities, we also got to take a peek at all the behind the scenes work that goes into making and selling food products. We got to take an inside look at the all the components of the food business from making the food, to marketing, to labeling, and storing the ingredients and products. It was an incredible experience, and I highly recommend trying the food created by their amazing entrepreneurs.

While Commonwealth Kitchens aren’t open to the public, their website provides a list of the companies that are currently using the space to grow as well as a list of their graduates. Graduates are companies that are now operating on a larger scale on their own two feet and run successful businesses around the city. Some graduates include Seta’s Cafe, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, and Just Add Cooking.