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September 16, 2015


Embracing Metrics to Maximize the Strategic Role of the Public Relations Professional

Complete article first appeared in Spring 2015 SOM Management Magazine

Public relations has long been viewed as a necessary and important function within organizations, but PR practitioners have less frequently been seen as invaluable strategic partners. They not only help carry out tactical public relations functions, but also act as key players in setting and meeting the strategic business goals and objectives of their organizations. Today more than ever, PR professionals have an easier ability to measure targeted publics' attitudes, values, and beliefs, as well as their "online" behaviors, through the multitude of web analytic tools available to the organizations. It is important to embrace metrics to maximize the strategic role of the public relations professional. This article discusses the importance of PR professionals and their role in business strategy.

Read complete article from Spring 2015 Simmons SOM Management Magazine

Edward T. Vieira, Jr., PhD

Edward T. Vieira, Jr., PhD, earned his PhD in integrated marketing communication from the University of Connecticut and an MBA from Bryant University. He has over thirty years of marketing communication and strategic marketing experience and has consulted for a number of European companies. He teaches quantitative research methodologies, consumer behavior, and integrated marketing communication courses. His current research focuses on PR (CSR) and quantitative methodologies.

Jane N. Hayward

Jane N. Hayward (’10GS) is the editor of Management Magazine and has been the faculty design director since its inception. She leads the creative services team at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and is an adjunct faculty member at the Simmons School of Management.

*Vieira, E.T., Jr., & Grantham, S. (2014). Defining Public Relations Roles in the U.S.A. Using Cluster Analysis. Public Relations Review, 40, pp. 60-68.