Where Are They Now? Megan Moore '15

October 21, 2015

Megan Moore

We sat down with Megan and discussed her recent graduation from Simmons and her new job at Brown Brothers Harriman!

What was your major at Simmons and what is your current job?

I studied Finance, coupled with a minor in Mathematics. I am currently a Business Analyst in the Technology Services department at Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH).

What are your main roles in your new job? 

My roles truly vary day-to-day and no two days are ever alike! As an analyst, my main responsibility for the group is to track both the on-going status and completion of projects for one of our larger clients. This responsibility is extremely beneficial in getting to know BBH as a whole because each project requires and utilizes various resources throughout the firm. I prepare documents for both internal and potential external (client) use. This is probably the most challenging aspect of my job, as I was not familiar with all of the Technology-related terminology. I constantly had Google open on my browser!

I also attend a variety of meetings which pertain to specific projects in order to identify next steps and discuss progress with appropriate personnel. Most recently, I participated in the firm’s budgeting period for 2016. This aspect of my position was something that was eye-opening in the sense that my learning in the classroom directly assisted my career.

How did your courses at Simmons prepare you for your job?

Simmons has helped me tremendously in my profession. Mainly, being able to communicate effectively and confidently has been the most important skill. Since I am exposed to different teams and sit in on many meetings, I have been able to make connections with colleagues, ask clarifying questions, as well as field questions appropriately.

How did you know that BBH was the right fit for you for the start of your career?

My experience was a bit different – I actually interned at BBH throughout the summer before my senior year. After interning at BBH in the Risk Management department, I knew I wanted to be a part of the BBH team. At the end of the internship, all interns were interviewed for open job positions. Surely, I interviewed for multiple positions throughout the firm (knowing that Technology Services was my number one choice) and heard back in October of my senior year that BBH, specifically Tech Services, was offering me a Business Analyst position. 

What is the best part of your experience thus far?

Being able to enter a new environment and actually reflect has been the best! Throughout school you are always thinking about the next assignment, project, or exam—I come home from work and find time to reflect on what happened yesterday, that specific day, and plan on what’s to come for the future. The future is constantly on my mind—I sometimes have to bring myself back down to Earth!

What was your job search like? When did you begin searching?

Technically, the fall semester of my junior year is when I began looking for internships. I considered these internship opportunities my "job search," as they are essentially extended interviews for a possible career. I did my first internship at Infinity Pharmaceuticals in their Accounting division. Then, I applied for the BBH internship which I was offered a summer position in their Risk Management department. The internship program is meant to be a gateway/connection for a potential job at BBH. When I interned at BBH, I considered my time to network and ultimately learn as much about the firm and the department as possible. This was my “prep work” for the final interview, which was at the conclusion of the program.

What tools/offices/resources did you use for help?

My success truly stems from Professor Guertler’s guidance and support. I remember walking into her office as a sophomore, when I switched over from an Education major, anxious to jump into the Finance “world.” From that day forward, she has answered any questions, given me advice when necessary, and in general supported me along the way. She was the person who led me to my first internship at Infinity Pharmaceuticals. 

What advice would you give to the current Simmons undergraduate students?

Internships and relationships are the most important thing you can achieve and maintain. I know this is said quite often, however, you're able to find out what you LOVE (and even what you don't love) about a job. If you never have the opportunity to experience a tangible job experience, you will go blind into your career search, unable to identify what you want in a career or organization.