Where Are They Now? MBA Alumna Lacey Burnett '15SM

October 28, 2015

Lacy Burnett

Lacey Burnett '15SM discusses her experience in EMC's Rotational Leadership Program.

MBA alumna Lacy Burnett graduated with a concentration in sustainability and corporate social responsibility from the School of Management. She is currently a Senior Program and Project Manager at EMC, where she is part of a rotational leadership program which includes four job rotations in two years.

In her current rotation, she enjoys the opportunity to work on projects that directly relate to the corporate strategy and with a variety of stakeholders. Burnett is working with a few of EMC’s partner companies to bring a product to market. In this position, she attends meetings on strategy changes concerning the project and facilitates meetings with partner companies. “I love working in the technology industry,” says Burnett, “It is fast paced and constantly changing.” 

Burnett knew that EMC would be the right fit for her because she has a background in technology and knew it was an exciting place to be. She started researching EMC during the first year of her MBA program and became interested in their sustainability practice and global influence. She then decided to focus all of her second-year projects on EMC to learn more. “I dug deep into their financials, strategy, human rights efforts, sustainability practices, and product marketing in order to get a clear picture of the whole company. The more I learned, the more I believed that EMC was a company that I wanted to be a part of.”

She credits her ability to succeed, in a variety of team dynamics, to her courses at the SOM. “They gave me the confidence to work in a quantitative capacity.” 

Her advice to students interested in working at EMC is do your research. “If Simmons students are interested in technology, I would suggest researching the different opportunities for both undergraduates and graduates.” EMC offers many different types of rotational programs that can fit your career interest.  She also encourages students to think of alternative ways to pursue your passion. “There are a lot of opportunities to creatively influence change.”