Meet Health Care MBA Student, Christine Fitzgerald '15SM

June 03, 2015

Christine Fitzgerald

Christine Fitzgerald moved into a new role while completing the HCMBA Program in two years.

Christine Fitzgerald came to the Health Care MBA (HCMBA) Program at Simmons with a recent Management and Public Health undergraduate degree and work experience as department coordinator for an ambulatory clinic at Newton Wellesley Hospital. While most of her classmates will complete the HCMBA over a three-year period, Fitzgerald will finish in two years. She took advantage of the accelerated program, available to fall-start students, in which she takes three evening courses per semester.

While completing the accelerated program, Fitzgerald continued to work full time and recently took a new position at Boston Children’s Hospital. She coordinates and supports research for Boston Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Medicine Fellows, assists with planning the continuing medical education course, and manages both internal and external websites. She expects this job will give her opportunities to improve both efficiency and quality in health care.

To finish the program in two years, Fitzgerald was required to become a master of time management. With a demanding job, she completes most of her schoolwork on weekends. Fitzgerald said, “I set deadlines for myself that may not be real deadlines set by the professor.” But she makes time for social activities and keeps one day a week free of school commitments. 

One of Fitzgerald’s most rewarding experiences came out of the Health Care Leadership and Change course. Not only did she develop the skills to manage change within the ever-shifting health care industry, but she also had the satisfaction of seeing the results of her class assignment implemented. Ambulatory patients at Newton Wellesley Hospital now benefit from an improved protocol that helps them navigate more efficiently. 

In the future, Fitzgerald has her eye on operations and finance in a hospital setting.