Rachel Otero '17 is Spending the Summer in the World of Fashion

July 23, 2015

Rachel Otero

As the Brand Communications and Events Intern, Rachel Otero '17 is part of the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show PR team.

Approximately 10 million people around the world tuned in last year to see the spectacle of outfits, music performances, and celebrities at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Rachel Otero '17 has religiously watched it every year since she could remember. This summer, Otero, a double major in Business & Management and Communications, landed an internship with the company in New York City.

As the Brand Communications and Events Intern, Otero says, “There really is no such thing as a ‘regular day’ with Victoria’s Secret public relations, especially with the fashion show coming up.” Her work can include communicating with editors, tracking print and online media, assisting with on-set shoots, and handling model relations for press events. “The most rewarding part of my job is getting to watch the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show come to life before my eyes.”

While Otero’s summer may seem like something out of a movie—working with celebrities 9 to 5 at a dream company, browsing flea markets and exploring NYC boroughs on the weekends— she experienced a common difficulty many new interns encounter at any company. “One challenge I faced when I began my internship was being confident that I belonged in the same room as the talented people on my team," Otero noted. "However, after spending a few days with the company, I learned that my self-confidence would ultimately be the key to my success.”

An additional key to success for Otero has been the importance of establishing real relationships. Her team consists of all women, and “just like at Simmons, I’ve found a team of women who genuinely support and foster the success of other women.” She remarks that even the office environment is conducive to this — hand-written notes, sweet treats at daily team meetings, and positive collaborations between coworkers. “It’s really a friendship,” says Otero.

Many hours of hard work contributed to Otero being offered the summer internship, and she urges other students, “Ask for it! People don’t know you’re interested if you don’t ask. That applies to getting an internship or getting more opportunities in your current position. Enthusiasm goes a very long way.”

Article written by Shannon Fitzgerald '16