Exciting New Joint Venture With 2U

May 19, 2015

A message from President Helen Drinan explaining next phases for 2U

I am writing to share with you exciting news about the next phase of our 2U relationship. Simmons and 2U have entered into a joint venture agreement called the Enterprise Model, an innovative approach to grow recognition at a national level for our smaller masters-level programs. Simmons has partnered with 2U to launch Nursing@Simmons and SocialWork@Simmons, two programs that have grown substantially during the past year.

The Enterprise Model aggregates five degree programs: the Master of Business Administration (MBA), the Healthcare MBA, the Master of Communications Management (MCM), the Master of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and a new Master of Public Health (MPH) to create a national business opportunity for Simmons and 2U.

As you know, a key objective of Strategy 2015 has been to increase opportunities in online graduate education in order to enhance national reach and visibility. The Enterprise Model will extend the success we have had in online education as we launch Strategy 2020.

Our organizational experience partnering with 2U in delivering Nursing@Simmons and SocialWork@Simmons provides us with an important competitive advantage in guiding the success of the Enterprise Model.

The MCM will reside in the Communications Department, where the faculty will design and build the curriculum. The MBA and the Healthcare MBA will be built out from existing program elements. The ABA program will capitalize on a rapidly growing national market for this degree. The new MPH will be developed with the participation of an interdisciplinary group of College faculty and will align with the undergraduate program in Public Health.

The current plan for launch of these programs is as follows:  March 2016 – MBA and HCMBA; September 2016 – MCM; January 2017 - MPH; and March 2017 – ABA. The work will begin immediately.

It is very exciting to see that the partnership with 2U is creating new opportunities for Simmons to deliver compelling, cross-disciplinary programs with national reach and impact.