ASPIRE Roundtable Inspires Community Building

November 08, 2016

Attendees at ASPIRE Roundtable

Asian American women encouraged leadership within their community

On Saturday Nov. 5, Asian Sisters Participating in Reaching Excellence (ASPIRE) held a roundtable discussion, “What's the Importance of a Community of Asian American Women Leaders?,” attended by approximately 40 high school, college, and professional women.

During the Community Engagement-hosted roundtable, attendees discussed best practices in mentorship and the importance of building and nurturing a supportive community for Asian American women leaders.

“I know how important it is to build and empower Asian American women within the community,” said Angela Huang, president of the Asian Students Association at Simmons, during her welcome speech. “This roundtable [is] a wonderful opportunity for us to network with other like-minded individuals.”

Community Engagement Director Diane Hammer believes events such as the ASPIRE roundtable are critical to developing and sustaining supportive communities. “It’s an opportunity to encourage each other to be change agents and take on leadership roles,” she says, “and if you’re going to get up and use your voice, it’s important to know there’s a community that’s got your back.”