Update: Actions Supporting the 2015 Ten Demands

May 11, 2017

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A message from President Helen Drinan, Vice President for Communications, Diversity & Inclusion Cheryl Howard, and Assistant Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion Lisa Smith-McQueenie

As we mark the one-year anniversary of the ribbon cutting of the Multicultural Student Organization Office, we are pleased to present the work accomplished this year to support the ten demands brought forward by student leaders 18 months ago.

We remain appreciative of the courageous students in the Class of 2016 who asked the College to take a good hard look at our campus culture. We are grateful for their activism and we thank all students, faculty, administration, and staff, who have helped ensure progress on making Simmons a more inclusive community.

So many people have approached this work with passion and energy because they recognize the importance of diversity, inclusion and equity at Simmons. We believe, and hope, everyone can agree that we are firmly on a path to being the Simmons community we all know we can be.

Throughout this academic year, we have shared detailed updates via the Thursday “Thoughts from the President” message on the progress we are making on diversity and inclusion at Simmons. We hope you read all of the updates. They appeared on:

But, while we believe we are making progress, we recognize that we still have a notable journey ahead of us. Since, we could not achieve everything in the ten demands in just one year, we dedicated time and resources to implementing the following Simmons College FY16/17 Diversity & Inclusion goals. As you will read in the update, these goals support the ten demands and all our work benefits the entire Simmons community.

Simmons College FY 16/17 Diversity & Inclusion Goals

  • Goal #1 Develop Philosophy & Mission of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence: All Ten Demands
  • Goal #2 Develop New Health Services/Support: Demand One
  • Goal #3 Implement Training for Faculty, Staff and Students: Demand Three
  • Goal #4 Implement Bias Response Protocol: Demand Three
  • Goal #5 Plan & Implement Curriculum Enhancements: Demand Four 
  • Goal #6 Hire Diverse Faculty and Staff: Demand Eight
  • Goal #7 Student Recruiting: Demands Six & Nine
  • Goal #8 Create Multicultural Center Proposal for FY18: Demand Seven
  • Goal #9 Develop Strong Programming: Demands Two & Five
  • Goal #10 Make Diversity & Inclusion Prominent in our Strategic Plan, Strategy 2022: Demand Ten

Learn more about actions that support the 2015 Ten Demands.